One of last people to see Danielle Stislicki testifies he saw her with Floyd Galloway

Preliminary hearing begins in Danielle Stislicki murder case

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – One of the last people to see Danielle Stislicki alive took the stand Monday during a preliminary hearing and said he saw her with Floyd Galloway -- the man charged with murdering her.

That was just one part of a long day of testimony in Farmington Hills, as the circumstantial evidence piled up against Galloway in the murder case with no body.

"You saw Danielle?" a prosecutor asked.

"Yes, I saw her," said Brandon Williams, Stislicki's co-worker.

"Did you see someone in the vehicle with her?" the prosecutor asked.

"Yes," Williams said.

"Who was that?" the prosecutor asked.

"The defendant," Williams said.

Silvia Morris, a cab driver, testified that she picked up Galloway at a Tim Horton's restaurant about three-quarters of a mile from Stislicki's apartment that night.

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Restaurant surveillance video showed Galloway asking to use the phone, which he used to call the cab, officials said.

"How was Mr. Galloway behaving?" the prosecutor asked.

"Calmly," Morris said. "Real calm."

Detectives testified that Stislicki's key chain and Fitbit were found between the walk from her apartment and the Tim Horton's that Galloway visited that night.

There were gaps in the courtroom when prosecutors showed surveillance video of what they believe to be Stislicki's car heading toward Galloway's home the night of her disappearance.

"That appears to be Danielle Stislicki's vehicle," Farmington Hills police Detective Ryan Molloy said. "You can see the very significant dirt area on her car."

Evidence included a receipt and video surveillance from two days after Stislicki's disappearance showing Galloway went into a Bed Bath & Beyond in Beverly Hills to purchase a white comforter.

"What was unusual?" the prosecutor asked.

"Just the relevance of the case," Molloy said. "She goes missing. You have a new comforter on the bed. He doesn't make a lot of money. That's a pretty -- that's a lot of money purchase."

Detectives also talked about a patch of carpeting that was clearly replaced in Galloway's master bedroom. They said there were carpet remnants in the trash.

Officials hope to tie in the fact that carpet was replaced and a comforter was replaced just days after Stislicki went missing.

Galloway's defense maintains the evidence is circumstantial. They said the fact that he was at a Tim Horton's near her apartment was a coincidence and argued that there are a lot of cars that look like Stislicki's.

There were also text messages between Stislicki and Galloway, officials said.

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