Security guard at Detroit grocery store accused of shooting husband, wife after argument

Security guard in police custody, awaiting charges

Two people were shot at a grocery store at Joy and Greenfield roads on Detroit’s west side. (WDIV)

DETROIT – There is brand-new information about a double shooting involving a security guard at a Detroit grocery store.

That security guard is in police custody, awaiting charges. 

"She's going to be fine. I guess they're doing surgery and all," said D.J. Forbes, a cousin of one of the victims.   

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Forbes said his cousin is one of two people shot at the grocery store at Joy and Greenfield roads on Detroit's west side. 

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Police said witnesses saw a security guard and a woman arguing inside the store. Minutes later, they said, the woman called her husband. "If a wife has to call her husband for a situation, you're being disrespectful," said Forbes. 

Forbes said the disrespect continued outside in the parking lot, after his cousin walked out to meet her husband. Witnesses told police that, when the husband got there, the security guard shot both the husband and his wife. "I don't know how far security is supposed to take it. Should they be shooting?" said Tamika Ingram. 

Customers are asking that same question at the store. Ingram said she knows the security guard. "He was very quiet. I never really see him really raise his voice. He's always pretty much just out here watching the customers, watching us come in and out, making sure everything is good," said Ingram. 

On Monday, as many wondered what started the argument that led up to the shooting, police are hoping to find the answer when they look through the security video.