Laptop with photos from 3 recent weddings stolen from car during Detroit Lions game

Destiny Noordyk desperate to locate laptop

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DETROIT – A Michigan photographer's laptop that contained photos from three recent weddings was stolen from a car during the Detroit Lions game last week.

Destiny Noordyk, of Grand Rapids, said she never got to see the second half of the Lions' game against the Kansas City Chiefs last weekend.

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ORIGINAL: Photographer, newlyweds desperate to find stolen laptop with wedding photos

"I think it was about halftime," Noordyk said. "I was starting to get these notifications on my phone. Something is not right."

Someone had broken into her boyfriend's car and stolen her credit cards and laptop, police said.

The laptop was filled with wedding photos from three recent ceremonies, including one for a Livonia couple, according to Noordyk.

She said she tried following the money trail and checked pawn shops, but she didn't have any luck.

Noordyk said the hardest part was letting the couples down.

"Me having to call these brides that just had planned these huge days for months and years -- my heart was just broken," Noordyk said.

She said all she cares about is getting the laptop back. She set up a P.O. box, hoping somehow her laptop will be returned. The address is P.O. box 412, Fremont, Michigan 49412.

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