Flint nonprofit takes human trafficking fight to the streets

FLINT, Mich. – Human trafficking has no geographical or socioeconomic boundaries.  

It's happening in big cities, the suburbs -- everywhere, including Flint, Mich. Communities and groups are coming together to create safe places for survivors of trafficking.  

Some groups are actually the boots on the ground. Beauty for Ashes, a nonprofit organization in Flint not only offers a safe haven for survivors, they actually take their program to the streets.  Their founder, Dana Oliver and her team go to the motel rooms, or bus stops - wherever the girls might be found.

They offer support, shelter and love.  For Dana, this has truly become a labor of love.

In Schwartz Creek, a suburb of Flint Restoration Place was created by founder, Amy Joy. Restoration Place provides long-term aftercare for girls ages 11-17, in a country setting.  

In addition to Restoration Place, Amy is a national speaker who educates health care professionals and more about human trafficking.  Amy says, "Many health care facilities don't know what to look for."  

You can read Amy's book, Human Trafficking 101 to find out much more. 

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