Detroit Police Department investigating after video appears to show officer asleep in patrol car

DETROIT – A video posted on YouTube appears to show a Detroit police officer asleep on the job.

“As I walked into the tunnel, I noticed an officer head back in his car,” Ossie Johnson said.

Johnson said he was walking near the Windsor Tunnel when he saw the officer asleep inside the car.

“I didn’t know if something was wrong with him, or if he was possibly asleep on the job, which as a taxpayer, I would have a problem with. On my way out, he woke up and I told him, I said, ‘Man we need you out here in the city. We need you to stay woke.’ I was even standing next to the car on my way out yelling, ‘Hey, wake up.’ It wasn’t until another officer pulled up and said he’s videotaping you,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the officer demanded he delete the video and pictures from his phone.

The Detroit Police Department said it’s looking into the case.

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