Drivers line up for miles to get on Grosse Ile after bridge closed for repairs

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – Drivers have been lined up for miles outside the Grosse Ile toll bridge because the other bridge has been shut down since Wednesday for maintenance and repairs.

“Home drive turns into three hours now,” Matt Balogh said. “I work 10 hours a day and then I drive three hours home.”

The heavy traffic stretched for miles Friday night.

“If you’re a truck driver you’re going to sit here for an hour because you got to have a spotter to go over,” Ron Mcceue said.

Wayne County Public Services Department Director Beverly Watts said it’s all about safety. A recent inspection on the main Grosse Ile bridge showed it needs major repairs.

“We were notified by our consultants that the load rating posting for that bridge, which was at 26 tons had dramatically reduced to 0.0, in my mind is critical,” Watts said.

Watts said the only option was to shut the bridge down.

“Now, I do recognize and I understand the community not having advanced notice. We advised the community as soon as we were made aware,” Watts said. “Wayne County was proactive. As soon as we obtained some information about the condition of the bridge and we’re saving individuals, opposed to the alternative.”

The bridge closure is temporary. Watts said officials expect an updated inspection of the bridge that will let them know how to move forward with construction. It should also give them an idea of when the bridge can reopen.

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