Flashpoint 11/24/19: Regional mass transit; demolition bond request voted down

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DETROIT – Voters have rejected a regional mass transit system in the last two elections. But here it comes again. Will it be different this time without a major player going along?

And the Detroit City Council sends a resounding no to the mayor on his request for a demolition bond. What now?

Segment One:

Roundtable discussion featuring host of WDET’s show Detroit Today, Stephen Henderson; chief of services and infrastructure for the city of Detroit; Arthur Jemison, Detroit Free Press government watchdog reporter, Kat Stafford and CEO of Citizen Detroit, Sheila Cockrel.

Segment Two:

Assistant Wayne County Executive, Khalil Rahal; Oakland County chief deputy executive, Hilarie Chambers, and chairman of the board of commissioners for Washtenaw County, Jason Morgan.

Segment Three:

Flashpoint host Devin Scillian wraps up this week’s episode.

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