All Star Giveback 2019 turkey giveaway held in River Rouge

RIVER ROUGE, Mich. – It wasn’t a Black Friday line or people waiting to get into a concert -- it was people waiting to get inside for the Detroit’s Thanksgiving All Star Give Back.

“It means a lot because some people don’t have the money to buy Thanksgiving dinner, so that means a whole lot,” Nina Reed said. "That’s very special and I’m one of them because I need a turkey.

Reed was one of many in line at River Rouge High School. Reed said this year was a struggle to prepare for the big Thanksgiving meal, but now she’ll be able to fix a turkey and all the trimmings.

Sonya Hatch was in line, too.

“I’m out here for the turkey. Help me out with some food. It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, God bless them all. The Lord is good. The Lord is good,” Hatch said.

Detroit brought out the big stars for the give back. Rapper Big Sean, actor Hill Harper and former NBA player Derrick Coleman were all there.

“Somebody asked me, ‘How does it feel to see such a long line outside?’ and I’m like, ‘It’s not a line for a concert. It’s a line because they’re families in need.’ So, hopefully this inspires people to want to give back more,” Sean said.

“There’s a wonderful energy of community here and ultimately this is about the people and it’s about all of us coming together in one place at one time to celebrate,” Harper said. “That’s really what Thanksgiving is all about to me.”

The organizers plan on expanding the giveaway outside of Metro Detroit.

“It’s just bigger. Every year it grows and next year we’re really looking at expanding to the Eastern Market. So we’re going to have All Star Give Back Eastern Market, All-Star Give Back Pontiac, All-Star Give Back Saginaw. Because again, you look at it with people in need,” Coleman said.

About the Author:

Larry Spruill Jr. joined the Local 4 News team in January 2018. Prior, he worked at WJAX in Jacksonville, Florida. Larry grew up as a military kid because his father is a retired Chief of the United States Air Force.