Frustrated by long waits at Secretary of State? Plans in place to make process easier, quicker

Jocelyn Benson works to reduce wait times at Secretary of State offices

GF Default - Michigan SOS plans to revamp offices, add kiosk
GF Default - Michigan SOS plans to revamp offices, add kiosk

DETROIT – Trips to Michigan Secretary of State offices can be frustrating because of wait times that can last for hours. But now Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is working on a fix.

Benson is working to reduce wait times across the board and roll out more do-it-yourself kiosks that make the process easier than before.

Most people cringe when they have to visit an SOS branch. Long lines and chaos at the offices could soon be a thing of the past, however.

New technology is making the process easier than ever before. Benson is working to build the branch office of the future, which involves bringing pieces of the branch to the people.

One of the self-serve kiosks can be found at the Kroger in Lincoln Park. The kiosks have been around, but most didn’t work. Fixing the kiosks wasn’t a priority for officials in the past.

At the kiosks, users can handle vehicle transactions, and registration renewals for cars, boats and motorcycles. In 2021, the kiosks will be able to handle personal license renewal, officials said.

In the future, there will be even more changes in branch offices. The goal is to finally reduce the frustration associated with visiting the Secretary of State and to get people out faster.

Branch offices might soon have the look and feel of an Apple store, with a greeter at the entrance to help point people to the right line, according to officials.

Click here to see if there’s a self-service kiosk near you.

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