‘#HisNameIsTrey’ Community mourns young man killed in Ypsilanti Township park

'Somebody please search for who took my son," mother says

YPSILANTI, Mich. – A grieving family wants to remember a young victim who was loved by many.

They’re using the hashtag #HisNameIsTrey, hoping someone will come forward with information that can lead to justice.

Trey Matthews, 21, was shot and killed in Nancy Park behind an elementary school in Ypsilanti Township. The shooting happened Saturday around 8 p.m. His full name is Brian Aldin Matthews III.

“My son was shot repeatedly and afterward he ran, and where he fell, people came out of their homes to help him,” Matthews’ mother Shenita Draw said.

On Monday night Draw and her family walked along the path where Matthews was killed.

“The night it happened I was walking my dog and all these cops come flying, this never happens here, never,” neighbor Lynne Craiger said.

A stunned and grieving community came together to pray at St. Matthews United Methodist. Then they walked the few blocks to the park.

“He was, he is, my son and he is loved. Somebody please search for who took my son,” Draw said. “When they told me my son died. I didn’t want him to be a statistic. I want his life to mean something, because it meant something to me. I want the world to know his name was Trey.”

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