Detroit-style pizzeria Michigan & Trumbull opens in Corktown

Michigan&Trumbull pizza.
Michigan&Trumbull pizza. (Michigan&Trumbull)

DETROIT – A Pittsburgh-based, Detroit-style pizzeria is opening in Corktown today.

Michigan&Trumbull will debut in Corktown on Wednesday, with their soft opening. The restaurant is located on West Elizabeth Street between Trumbull Avenue and 8th Street. It’ll be at 1441 West Elizabeth Street.

A grand opening is planned for next week, Feb. 7.

Michigan&Trumbull dining room.
Michigan&Trumbull dining room. (Michigan&Trumbull)
Michigan&Trumbull pizza.
Michigan&Trumbull pizza. (Michigan&Trumbull)

The founders are originally from Detroit and opened up a Detroit-style pizzeria in Pittsburgh, naming it as a tribute to their hometown.

"A project that started because we couldn't find pizza reminiscent of Detroit, evolved into a passion for perfecting a dough, and perhaps improving upon, this Detroit standard. The result is a pizza that is light and airy, yet has a crispy and caramelized crust, cooked in the same re-purposed, blue steel pans, from the assembly lines of the old auto plants."

The pizzeria offers a wide array of Detroit-style pizza choices, with Detroit-inspired names, including the St. Aubin Sausage, Packard Pepperoni, Woodward Ave White and Bagley Chorizo.

Check out the menu below:

Michigan&Trumbull front menu.
Michigan&Trumbull front menu. (Michigan&Trumbull)
Michigan&Trumbull back menu.
Michigan&Trumbull back menu. (Michigan&Trumbull)

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