Macomb County father of 4 shot, killed in California

Family says Corey Fisher tried to help a friend in domestic dispute

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – A young father of four from Macomb County was shot and killed in Bakersfield, California, after getting involved in a domestic dispute.

Corey Fisher, 31, was from Roseville but recently moved to California a few months ago.

“He didn’t care what the consequences were going to be, he was going to be there for whoever needed him,” said Fisher’s mother, Ila Plasky.

Fisher was helping a friend in need about nine days ago and spoke to his mother.

“He said ‘A friend of mine was beat up by her boyfriend. And you know, mom, I hate when men beat up on women.’ And I said ‘Yeah, I know Corey but you need to just stick by your friend and just leave it at that,’” Plasky said. “But my son is such a great protector and it doesn’t matter whether he knew you or didn’t know you,” Plasky said.

It led to a confrontation the following night in a hotel parking lot.

“They said that a guy pulled out a gun and shot him,” Plasky said.

Fisher died at the hospital. Bakersfield police arrested 28-year-old Gary Jennings for the shooting and a 33-year-old woman as an accessory.

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