Where is Santa Claus? Here’s how to track his Christmas Eve journey

NORAD tracker providers real-time updates on Santa’s location as he travels around the world

Santa Claus takes a Christmas cookie (Pixabay, Pixabay)

Don’t fret if you hear hooves, Santa Claus is on the move!

This Christmas Eve, Jolly Old St. Nicholas is once again delivering gifts to children around the world in record time.

Wondering where he is right now? The Colorado-based North American Aerospace Defense Command is providing real-time updates on Santa’s whereabouts, and how many gifts he has delivered at any given time.

You can check Santa’s progress with the NORAD tracker right here, which offers a 3D map of the world and Santa’s sleigh. You can also track the Man in the Red Suit using NORAD’s apps, by checking out @NoradSanta on Twitter or by emailing noradtrackssanta@outlook.com for the latest updates.

Hundreds of volunteers also stand at the ready to field questions about Santa’s journey. You can call 1-877-Hi-NORAD to receive the latest updates on his location.

You can also watch live below.

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