Brother of man accused of spiking wife’s cereal with heroin: ‘My feeling is that my brother murdered his wife’

Case headed to trial

FLINT, Mich. – The brother of a Michigan man accused of spiking his wife’s cereal with heroin testified in court Tuesday, saying he believes his brother committed the crime.

“My feeling is that my brother murdered his wife,” Jeffrey Harris said.

Jason Harris is charged with premeditated murder in connection with the death of Christy Ann-Thompson Harris.

Christy Ann Thompson Harris (WDIV)
Christy Ann Thompson Harris (WDIV)

Jeffrey Harris said that if he had $1,000, he would bet $1,000 that Jason Harris was responsible for his wife’s death. He shared his concerns with police after his brother’s wife died. Christy Ann-Thompson Harris’ death was originally ruled an accidental overdose.

Jeffrey Harris also shared details about sexual conversations his brother had a year before Christy Ann-Thompson Harris was murdered. Jeffrey Harris said his brother asked him to purchase a hotel room so Jason Harris could have a secret rendezvous with another woman. Jeffrey Harris testified that he canceled the hotel room when he found out what it would be used for.

A man who used to work with Jason Harris also spoke in court. Zachariah Shustock said Jason Harris told him he believed the baby he had with Christy Ann-Thompson Harris wasn’t actually his child.

Shustock testified that Jason Harris tried to hire him as a hitman.

“There was a situation where he asked me if I would kill her for him,” Shustock said.

He told Jason Harris “no,” but never reported the conversation to police. Jason Harris’ attorney tried to discredit the testimony because Shustock is a convicted felon.

The case is headed to trial after Judge Christopher Odette said there’s probable cause to believe Jason Harris killed his wife.

“We are thankful for all of the work of law enforcement, and we are confident that justice will be served at trial,” the victim’s mother, Kathy Mays, said in a statement.

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