Lawsuit alleges patients died due to staffing issues at Sinai-Grace

Nurses sue Sinai-Grace Hospital claiming patients died because of low staffing.

DETROIT – A new lawsuit is claiming that Detroit’s Sinai-Grace Hospital was so short-staffed that patients died.

Multiple Sinai-Grace nurses have been detailing what they call problem after problem during the coronavirus crisis. They allege those problems cost COVID-19 patients their lives.

Update June 11, 2020: Michigan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases up to 59,496; Death toll now at 5,738

In one instance, nurse Catherine Gaughan said a man in his 30′s who died could have survived if the hospital wasn’t so short-staffed that no one noticed his ventilator tube had become disconnected.

“I will always remember this man calling his daughter," Gaughan said.

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Sinai-Grace nurses Jeffrey Eichenlaub, Catherine Gaughan, Sal Hadwan and Anthony Bonnett are now suing the Detroit Medical Center and parent company Tenant for $25 million.

Each nurse said they were fired for speaking up about the staffing, unsafe conditions and for speaking up for their patients.

“Our voices were not being heard," Hadwan said. "We were being ignored and the patient population suffered.”

The DMC said the nurses were fired for violating patient privacy when shocking photos were leaked of bodies stacked up in rooms inside Sinai-Grace.

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