Couple points guns at mother, teens in Orion Township, charged with assault

2 charged with felonious assault

Couple points guns at mother, teens in Orion Township, charged with assault
Couple points guns at mother, teens in Orion Township, charged with assault

ORION TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The Oakland County Sheriff announced charges relating to an incident Wednesday where a woman pulled a gun in an Orion Township parking lot.

The incident went viral on social media. Video from the scene show the barrel of the gun pointed directly at the camera.

The woman and the driver with her have been charged with felonious assault.

It happened at about 6 p.m. in a quiet shopping area outside a Chipotle Mexican Grill on Baldwin Road.

Jillian Deanne Wuestenberg (L), Eric Peter Wuestenberg (R) (Oakland County Sheriff's Office)

Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, from Independence Township, drew her weapon, chambered a round and pointed it at a Black mother and her two teenage daughters.

The gunwoman’s husband, 42-year-old Eric Wuestenberg -- who was also armed -- called 911. Both Wuestenbergs are registered Concealed Pistol License holders.

The husband of the family facing the gun, a Detroit Police Officer, was driving to the scene and he called 911.

When Oakland County deputies arrived, the Jillian Wuestenberg was detailed but let go. During the investigation, both firearms were held as evidence.

Both Wuestenbergs have been charged with felonious assault Thursday.

Another video from the scene shows the mother and daughters become frustrated at the Wuestenbergs and accuse them of bumping into one of the teenagers. The situation escalated. A thump from the back of the van can be heard in the video as the couple tries to back out. That’s when the woman exited the vehicle and pulls out her handgun.

According to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, the couple claimed to fear for their lives after their vehicle was struck with a hand by the other party.

Police said it was unclear who the aggressor was and further investigation is needed.

You can watch the video from YouTube below -- warning: There is explicit language.

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