Photographer climbs 151 feet to top of Ambassador Bridge, raising major security questions

‘I got up and down and they never saw me’

Photographer's Ambassador Bridge stunt raises security questions

A photographer who climbed 151 feet to the very top of the highly guarded Ambassador Bridge posted photos from on top of the bridge’s sign, raising major questions about security.

The photographer said you’ll never know his name, but he’s posted images from the very top of the Brooklyn Bridge, high above New York City and on top of the Crescent City Connection Bridge in New Orleans.

He posted photos from 151 feet in the air above Detroit, at the very top of the highly guarded, supposedly secure Ambassador Bridge. He was sitting on top of the bridge’s sign.

“No, no photoshop,” he said. “I got up there. I was at peace listening to cars. Calm. I do it to push the limits, inspire others."

The photos are stunning, but so is the lack of security.

Customers and Border Patrol officials secure the major international crossing, but the bridge is privately owned by the International Bridge Company, which is responsible for security.

If a photographer can climb up and nobody sees him, including those watching cameras, can anyone with criminal motives get on the bridge undetected, as well?

“I got up and down and they never saw me,” the photographer said. “I don’t want anyone to do it. It is dangerous. You can get in trouble. I think bridge security is actually very good.”

Click here to view more of his photos.

You can see the images and watch the full story in the video posted above.

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