Bond lowered for twin brothers charged in terrorist plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer

Attorney asked for Null brothers to be released immediately

Whitmer suspects have bond hearing, request release.

Many of the suspects in the alleged domestic terrorism plot to kidnap and kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have been fighting to be released or have their bonds lowered.

In court Wednesday, the Null brothers were hoping they might be released right away. The state said the Null brothers are a danger to police, elected officials and to the public. The judge agreed and made a surprise call that could lead to the brothers getting out of jail at any moment.

During the bond hearing for William and Michael Null -- both charged by the state with supporting terrorism -- attorney Tom Siver asked for the twins to be released immediately.

The two brothers were up north with the group of men charged with plotting against the governor, but Siver said the two never left Cadillac.

“You could dismiss this case today and release them,” Siver said. “They never left the town of Cadillac.”

The attorney general’s office said the brothers were being driven to surveil the governor’s summer home by an undercover officer and an informant -- also in the car -- recorded -- the brothers when they said they didn’t want to turn back.

The judge at first denied the request to lower the $250,000 bond for the brothers, and then quickly agreed to change that to a 10% cash surety bond. The judge said if and when the brothers post bond, they will be on a GPS tether, they can work but cannot go anywhere near the governor.

Judge lowers bond for twin brothers charged in Whitmer kidnapping plot

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