Dearborn police visit area schools during winter break to review safety plans

Officers walk hallways, learn emergency plans

Dearborn police want the public not to be alarmed with the police presence over winter break.

DEARBORN, Mich.Police in Dearborn want residents to know they don’t have to be concerned by increased police presence outside of schools during winter break.

Officers will be going through Dearborn schools to get more familiar with building layouts and safety plans. Dearborn schools are made up of 37 schools across 32 buildings.

Dearborn police officers walked through every building to get to know every school layout. Each school has its own emergency plan specific to their own building.

Those plans include which exit doors students are directed to and where student gathering areas are. Police study each plan, walk each school to visualize exactly where they need to go -- so they’re ready to navigate a maze of hallways and rooms.

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