Family fears the worst after 11 infant bodies found at former Detroit funeral home

Details unfold after gruesome discovery

By Koco McAboy - Reporter, Dane Sager Kelly - Web Producer

DETROIT - There's still many unanswered questions after an anonymous tip led police to finding the bodies of 11 infants inside a hidden compartment at the Cantrell Funeral Home.

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The remains are now at the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office, which will begin the process of trying to identify them Monday. 

"I pray to God Bryson Calvin is not a name they're gonna add to the list," said Sheila Calvin. "Because that's my nephew's name". 

Painful memories resurfaced for members of the Calvin family after the bodies were found. Bryson passed away from a heart condition in 2017 at 7 months old.

"We just buried my nephew there. He was  supposed to have been cremated," Calvin said. "Now it's like is this my baby? I sit and cry every day."

Calvin is disturbed, hurt and confused. 

"Those are human beings that they found inside that wall, why? Just why?" Calvin asked. 

She wants answers for all of the families left wondering. She cannot fathom the pain her family would feel if Bryson is one of the 11 bodies found.

"We've done suffered a lot just losing him but if it is so it would be," Calvin said. "It would be madness." 

The family is praying they won't have to relive the nightmare of losing Bryson Calvin all over again.

The Archdiocese of Detroit is offering to bury the infants at no charge. 

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