ClickOnDetroit Email Newsletters: Here’s a closer look at each one

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Here’s what you need to know about all of ClickOnDetroit’s email newsletters (sign up here):

Morning Report

The Morning Report is delivered every morning, with a slightly diferent look on the weekends. It offers a quick rundown of the day’s news and a deeper dive into a specific topic.

4 Zone Weather

Our Local4Casters team ensures you’re always on top of the day’s weather. This is a daily newsletter with the temperature, condition and forecast for Metro Detroit. You know how quickly the weather can shift in Metro Detroit, so get this newsletter if you don’t like surprises.

Breaking News

If you sign up for nothing else, this is THE ClickOnDetroit newsletter you want. You’ll be added to our breaking news email list, meaning you’ll get breaking news as soon as it goes to publish. It will come right to your inbox so you don’t have to go searching Twitter or Google. If you care about what’s happening in your community, sign up now.

Midday Headlines (Noon)

This a list of our noon headlines. This daily email includes updates to weather, local news and national news, plus any breaking news.

Afternoon Headlines (4 p.m.)

This a list of our afternoon headlines. This daily email includes updates to weather, local news and national news, plus any breaking news.

Evening Hedlines (8 p.m.)

This a list of our evening headlines. This daily email includes updates to weather, local news and national news, plus any breaking news.

All About Ann Arbor

All About Ann Arbor is what we call ClickOnDetroit’s Ann Arbor bureau. The newsletter goes out weekly on Friday. It is extremely helpful to anyone who lives in, works in or enjoys visiting the city of Ann Arbor. If you want to stay on top of all Ann Arbor news and events, sign up for this newsletter.

All 4 Pets

We love our pets here at ClickOnDetroit. If you’re like us, then you will love this newsletter. It’s full of pet care tips, safety tips, trends and the latest adotpion darlings. Anyone with a pet -- of any kind -- should sign up for this one.


Do you like free food, concert tickets, exclusive deals and more stuff like this? Then sign up for our Contests newsletter so you can get all of our latest promotions delivered to you.


This is a weekly recap of the most-read crime stories on ClickOnDetroit. It’s a simple, yet very effective, way of keeping you on top of the latest crime around Metro Detroit.


4Frenzy celebrates your favorite high school athletes, actors, choir and club members. The newsletter will keep you updated on all of the contests.

Friday Finds

The Friday Finds newsletter is dedicated to finding new music each week. If you’re open to new kinds of tunes, please sign up for this fun music newsletter.


The Hail newsletter offers news and analysis about Michigan football and basketball. We go a step further than most with our coverage of the Wolverines.

Help Me Hank

Get updates from Hank Winchester, Local 4′s consumer investigative reporter. He delivers this weekly newsletter packed full of the deals and scams you nee to know about.

Live in the D

Get all the week’s highlights from the show focused on showcasing the best of Detroit. Live in the D wins the ratings, and this newsletter will win your inbox.


This newsletter notifies our viewers about upcoming Local 4 specials and changes to our usual on-air schedule.

Red Wings

The Red Wings newsletter has everything you need to know about the Detroit Red Wings, plus news from around the NHL and hockey world.


Get the latest on the Shattered Podcast.

Vote 4 The Best

Vote 4 The Best is your go-to guide for the best of everything, as voted for by our readers. This newsletter will keep you up-to-date on voting.

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About the Author:

Dave Bartkowiak Jr. is the digital managing editor for ClickOnDetroit.