Detroit police open hotline aiming to expose drug case corruption

Detroit police are hoping to stop drug case corruption with a new hotline.

DETROIT – The Detroit Police Narcotics Unit has been accused of planting evidence, using bogus search warrants and even embezzling drug money.

The issues seem to be getting even more troubling. The department is conducting a large-scale probe investigating on its own department.

“We know that Officer Mosely, former Officer Mosely, was indicted and removed from the police department on allegations of bribery,” said Detroit police Chief James Craig.

Craig said as his department started looking at the case more situations came to light.

“We seized documents, case files, forensic imaging of 50 computers. It’s important to do so, because we wanted to know is there a pattern?" Craig said. “Certainly, there’s been no secret to the Detroit Police Department that there has been flows of issues of allegations of criminal misconduct involving narcotics over the years, even going back as the early 70s.”

Craig said early investigation shows allegations of officers not arresting drug traffickers, and officers taking money and hiding evidence.

“So far we have interviewed over the last four months, 20 complainants. These complainants are individuals, who were alleged to have been drug traffickers. These individuals were never arrested, these were individuals that the police department executed search warrants on locations were drugs were sold. In many instances these were large scale seizures," Craig said.

A hotline was started to take any tips of wrongdoing within the police department.

Craig said this is an effort to be transparent. He said these allegations don’t represent the police department as a whole.

To report Detroit Police misconduct call 313-596-3190.

About the Author:

Larry Spruill Jr. joined the Local 4 News team in January 2018. Prior, he worked at WJAX in Jacksonville, Florida. Larry grew up as a military kid because his father is a retired Chief of the United States Air Force.