Wixom police locate owner of old photo album

Photos date back to 1950

WIXOM, Mich. – This week a resident dropped off a photo album to the Wixom Police Department that holds pictures dating back to 1950. Police worked to find its rightful owner.

Looking through the album, you can see there are clues, like the name Kim Leann Karawsky. It appears to be her baby book. There are also places written down, like Georgia, Arizona and Alaska.

“I have reason to believe, perhaps, Ms. Karawsky’s family was a military family,” Chief Ron Moore said. “It looks like barracks in one picture, there is sign on it that reads: Maj. Karawsky.”

Chief Moore said he was immediately intrigued the minute the album was dropped off at the station.

“It was found on Charms road, west of Wixom road,” Chief Moore said.

Moore said he did some good old fashioned police work, but nothing came back for that name in this state. Even though, inside the pages, there is a reference to Potter Road.

“We have a Potter road in Wixom,” Chief Moore said. “Maybe a cousin lived over on potter road or something?”

That’s when the Chief went to Facebook to ask for the public’s help. So far, the post has been viewed 7,000 times and shared more than 100 times.

Local 4 did some digging Friday too. There were no birth records in Oakland County for Kim Karawsky. There was, however, a person with that name in a sorority at the University of Arizona, Tau Beta Sigma-Omega.

Local 4 also found a wedding announcement with that name. Karawksy married Robert Sawyer Williams in 1972 in Arizona according to the Tucson Daily Citizen.

The chief hopes word gets around to anyone, everyone, and hopefully, eventually the right one.

“I look forward to checking my voicemail Monday morning,” Moore said. “I hope I hear from a cousin or a daughter or a sibling saying, ‘that’s my family member’s photo album.’”

Wixom police located the owner within 30 minutes of the report airing on Local 4.

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