Focus: HOPE continues decades-long tradition of feeding needy in Metro Detroit

Focus Hope feeds any senior that may be in need year round

DETROIT – For more than three decades Focus Hope Food program director, Frank Kubik and hundreds of volunteers have been making a huge difference when it comes to senior citizens and the holidays.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time, 30 years plus,” said Kubik.

“We’re a caring community. There’s a lot going on in the world, with a lot of negative things. But if you want to see positive, come here. We go across boundaries, no matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe in, we’re here to help. And this community embraces everyone.”

The group identifies nearly 1,500 low income seniors from Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Washenaw counties and then enlists the help of more than 400 volunteers from all over the motor city to help those in need including Focus Hope CEO, Portia Roberson.

“We fed 1,400 seniors today. Seniors that could not otherwise get food for the holidays. It really is amazing, 400 volunteers, people who have been doing it for years,” said Roberson.

It’s the reason why great grandmothers like 99-year-old Queenie Price will at least have one good meal for the holiday season.

“I think it’s important that we recognize that everybody doesn’t have food like we might assume that they do - especially through the holiday season,” added Roberson.

“It’s gonna be a lot of food in there, not only for Christmas but hopefully for a week or so after that so it’s more than just one meal,” Kubik said.

Focus Hope feeds any senior that may be in need year round.

If you’re in need of assistance, click here.