A look at construction on criminal justice center built in exchange for failed Wayne Co. jail site

Project about $40 million over budget

A new criminal justice center is taking shape in Detroit.

DETROIT – A new criminal justice center is starting to take shape in Detroit.

The center is being built near the I-75 Service Drive and East Warren Avenue. When finished, it will have a jail, a juvenile detention center and the sheriff’s office administration building.

All of the buildings are connected, and there will be a tunnel to walk inmates to court.

The project is currently about $40 million over budget.

Andrew Miller, the construction manager with Barton Malow Co., said the building is complex.

“We’ve got steel structures, precast concrete structures. It’s all gotta come together, the size of the complex, as well 1 million square-feet provides challenges working in multiple areas,” he said. “The steel cells are lighter weight so you need less structure to support all of those cells, and it just fit with the design of this facility.”

See the progress in the video above.

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