Intruder doesn’t heed Detroit homeowner’s warning, gets shot

Man tries to cut screen door

DETROIT – An attempted home invasion was thwarted early Friday when a homeowner shot someone trying to get in his back door.

William said he was watching a movie inside his home on Goddard Street when he heard something.

“I heard a bang and I knew it wasn’t a sound from the headphones, so I take the headphones off and when I take my headphones off, I hear someone trying to kick in my back door,” he said.

William said he called police, grabbed his rifle and went to the door. He said a man was trying to cut his screen door.

“I yelled out, ‘You about to get shot. Get away from my door.' (It) didn’t bother him. He got even more relentless,” he said. “I said, ‘Well I gotta get him before he gets me,’ so I fired a shot through the door.”

William said the intruder yelled ouch and said he was going to get his gun, but police arrived before he could do so.

The intruder is at a hospital, but he will be headed to jail when he recovers from being shot.

William believes the man has targeted his home before.

“A week earlier, he broke in my garage and stole my lawn mower,” he said. “I’m glad he’s off the streets. It’s something somebody else won’t have to worry about.”