VIDEO: Traffic stop turns into wild chase on I-94

Driver crashes into wall, keeps going

DETROIT – A traffic stop for a speeding violation turned into a wild chase Friday on westbound I-94 between Harper Woods and Detroit.

Watch video of the chase below.

“He was just making a traffic stop for a simple speeding violation,” said Lt. Mike Shaw with Michigan State Police.

Shaw said chase turned out to be anything but simple.

At first, the trooper stopped the chase for safety reasons, Shaw said.

“It’s not worth chasing somebody just for speeding, so the trooper just turned his lights off and backed off a little bit and lo and behold, he comes right back on the freeway,” he said.

And that’s when things changed drastically. The driver started to switch lanes and he stood outside the car while driving. Then he slammed the car against the wall.

“He’s lucky he didn’t crush himself between the car and the wall,” Shaw said.

But even the crash against the wall didn’t stop the driver. He instantly jumped out of the car and hopped over the wall, onto the other side of oncoming traffic. Shaw said the trooper pulled out his Taser gun and struck the man.

“The trooper is lucky that he had to run across the street and actually use a Taser, that nobody was hit on the freeways,” Shaw said.

Shaw his office is celebrating Back the Blue Detroit this week. They wanted to release the video not to show the chase but to remind people what troopers go through and what they’re doing to keep people safe.

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