Man gives pizza delivery driver new vehicle after chasing down stolen car in Port Huron

Woman steals Happy’s Pizza delivery driver’s car

PORT HURON, Mich. – What started out as any other night at the Happy’s Pizza in Port Huron ended with a delivery driver’s car being stolen.

“I was at Port Huron High School and was in and out in two minutes, and in that amount of time she was gone,” delivery driver Rayden Jones said.

Police said a woman with a history of mental health problems stole his car.

Kevin Lindke was driving home and saw a car driving erratically and called 911.

“I watched her drive onto the freeway entrance the wrong way,” Lindke said.

Lindke followed, keeping dispatchers aware as she drove down the freeway, sideswiped a car and then ended up dumping the car and running. Lindke ran after her and convinced her to stop and wait for police.

Friday morning Lindke found out the stolen car belonged to a Happy’s Pizza delivery driver and called the shop.

Rayden’s manager told Lindke what a good worker Jones is and that’s when Lindke knew he could help.

“I understand taking some hits and having to work through it,” Lindke said.

Lindke decided to give Jones the minivan he was going to sell.

“I’m not going to lie, I about burst into tears 'cause who does that?” Jones said.

Lindke showed up with the title and keys Friday night.

“It’s a Godsend,” Jones said. “That this man, out of nowhere, who I’ve never met, would do this. It’s mind blowing.”

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