Center Line man charged in deadly stabbing of girlfriend

Victim died of two stab wounds

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. – A Center Line man stands accused of murdering his long-time girlfriend this month.

On Monday Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith charged William Faulkner, 69, with first degree murder for stabbing his girlfriend to death at their home last Thursday.

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Police and prosecutors say Faulkner contacted police to request a welfare check for Juliette Peterson around 10 p.m. on Jan. 9. Officers and Faulkner went to Peterson’s home where she was found dead in the bathroom.

Peterson appeared to have blood on her shirt and inside the tub underneath her. Suspected blood was also spattered on the wall.

When Center Line officers discovered the victim dead in the apartment’s bathtub, they immediately turned to Faulkner. At that time, Faulkner placed his hands behind his back and willingly allowed himself to get arrested.

Police later confirmed that the victim suffered two stab wounds.

“I am unfortunately much too familiar and deeply upset by the volume of domestic violence cases in our community. In Macomb County, I urge victims of domestic violence to contact their local police departments, and to seek assistance from Turning Point at 586-463-4430,” said Smith.

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