Detroit woman injured by shrapnel as multiple gunshots strike hit home

DETROIT – A 62-year-old woman spent the night in the hospital after a shooting outside her house wounded her with shrapnel.

It happened just before 1 a.m. Tuesday in the 19100 block of Harlow Avenue on Detroit’s west side.

“The gunfire came through the bedroom and that’s when the pellets hit me," she told Local 4. "I fell to the floor.”

Police said she was showered with bullet fragments after multiple shots were fired into her home early. She is expected to be OK.

“I was bleeding from my legs, my chest and my leg," she said.

A fragment was lodged in her eye. She spoke to Local 4 on her way to an eye specialist.

Wednesday morning, shell casings from what appears to be a high-caliber riffle still littered the sidewalk.

A neighbor said she was in shock when she heard the gunshots. She said car break-ins are frequent in the neighborhood and she thinks the shooting is related.

“My son just turned two months," she said. "I am not about to lose my son because y’all out here, petty thieves!”

The 62-year-old victim said she has no idea why her house was targeted.

“We have no idea," she said. "We go to work, we come home and we don’t bother anybody.”

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