Thief steals woman’s necklace on driveway of Madison Heights home

Stolen rings, necklace had sentimental value

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. – A woman says she was mugged on her Madison Heights driveway after coming home from work.

The thief only took one thing from the woman, but that item was very special.

“I got out of the drivers side and walked that way,” said Sandy Moore.

Moore was getting home from working the overnight shift on Tuesday morning when she noticed a man outside a few houses down from her home.

“I didn’t think nothing of it. I got my things out of the truck. I didn’t see him so I turned to see where he went and he was in my face,” said Moore.

That’s when she says he fought her to get a hold of her necklace with two rings on it. Her wedding ring and her late husband’s ring.

“My husband passed away in July and it can’t be replaced. It’s the only thing I had left of him,” said Moore.

She doesn’t have a close up photo of the rings, but she describes hers as a gold band and his was also gold and very large.

Moore has searched her lawn, driveway and sidewalk for the rings on a gold chain just in case the man may have dropped them, but she hasn’t had any luck.

She had plans of one day passing those rings onto her children and grandchildren to help keep his memory alive.

“He wasn’t just my husband. He was my best friend,” said Moore. “I just want the rings back.

If you have any information about the incident call Madison Heights police.

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