Macomb County Sheriff’s Office warning residents about phone scam

Residents scammed out of thousands of dollars

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – During the past week the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office has taken two reports where citizens have been scammed out of thousands of dollars.

Both citizens reported that they received telephone calls from an individual claiming to work for the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office. The caller told the citizen that they were in some type of trouble and that they needed to purchase gift cards to avoid being arrested.

On Feb. 4 a 63-year-old man from Harrison Township reported that he received a telephone call from a male caller stating he was, “Sgt. Bailey from the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office.”

The caller stated the male failed to have his DNA filed for the sex offender registry and would need to send money to avoid arrest. The caller added that the money would need to be sent from a kiosk at a local business.

When the male could not find the kiosk, the caller stated that the male could pay with gift cards for a discounted rate. The male purchased $3,500 worth of gift cards and provided the gift card numbers to the caller.

On Feb. 7, a 33-year-old man from Macomb Township received a call from a male who indicated he was calling from the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office. The telephone number displayed as the Sheriff’s Office general phone number 586-469-5151.

The caller was also able to ghost the Sheriff’s Office telephone number, meaning that the phone number displayed as a Sheriff’s Office phone number. Officials are warning people that this is a hack and the caller is not inside the Sheriff’s Office.

The caller advised that the male needed to pay $3,000 immediately or he would be arrested. The caller stated that this amount could be paid in gift cards. The male purchased $3,000 in gift cards and provided the gift card numbers to the caller.

As deputies were on scene taking the information this male continued to call the home in an attempt to gain more money. The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office will not call any member of the public and ask for money or gift cards in lieu of arrest.

These incidents have been turned over to the Macomb County Detective Bureau and are currently being investigated.