People take more photos of their dog than partner, study says

29% post more photos of their dog on social media than friends, family, or themselves

It doesn't matter that the person's face was cropped out, the handsome rescue dog is the real focus. (WDIV)

A new study claims nearly 2/3rds of people take more photos of their dog than their partner.

The study on how dog owners feel about their furry friends was released Friday by Rover.

In addition to 65% of dog owners admitting to taking more photos of their dog than their significant other, 94% of pet-owners consider their dog a member of their family and 79% include their dog in family moments like holiday cards, vacations and even marriage proposals.

“Young Americans are less likely to be homeowners or parents than previous generations, but one category they lead in, is pet ownership," said Brandie Gonzales, with Rover. “They shower their dogs with attention and splurge on expensive gifts because their dog is their best friend, and they want to be their dog’s best friend too.”

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A quarter of people polled have brought their pet on a date. More than half admit they greet their dog when they get home before they acknowledge anyone else.

A little more than 80% admitted to worrying about their dog when they’re away at work or school and a little under 90% admit to taking steps to make their dog not feel lonely when they’re away -- like leaving the television or radio on, or getting a second pet.

There are many benefits to having a dog -- they’re good for your health and they’re good for your love-life -- it’s no wonder that many companies are now allowing employees to bring their dogs to work with them.

The full study can be read here.

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