Thieves snatch baby registry gift from Livonia porch while expectant mother on vacation

2 men facing charges

LIVONIA, Mich. – A Ring camera caught thieves snatching a package from the porch of a Livonia home.

Inside the box was a gift from a baby registry. The package was stolen while the expectant mother was on vacation in Hawaii, and she was able to see it happen on her phone from thousands of miles away.

“She’s checking the footage and she sees a white male run up on the porch, grab a package and then run back to the street,” said Capt. Ron Taig, with Livonia police.

The woman saw the man get into a white PT Cruiser. Later that night, Livonia police pulled over a white PT Cruiser because it had an expired license plate.

Police said they found drugs inside the car, and the men who were in the vehicle, Justin Cutshaw and Justin Lowman, were held at the Livonia police department.

The next day, detectives received the report about the stolen package, saw the surveillance video and determined who they were looking for before realizing the men were already in police custody. Police said the woman’s package, which contained a baby carrier, was also inside the PT Cruiser the men were driving.

Cutshaw and Lowman are faces charges in connection with the theft, as well as drug charges.

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