Lawsuit alleges police used excessive force, knocked man unconscious outside Ann Arbor bar

Suit says Drew Parsons was slammed on ground

Ann Arbor police (WDIV)
Ann Arbor police (WDIV)

ANN ABROR, Mich. – A lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges Ann Arbor police used excessive force against a man and knocked him unconscious after they thought he was involved in a bar altercation in 2018.

According to the suit against several officers, the police department and the city of Ann Arbor, Drew Parsons was at Scorekeepers on Nov. 15, 2018, when he was mistaken as someone involved in the altercation. Bouncers removed Parsons from the bar.

Once outside, Officer Justin Kandt, who was handling another situation while inside his patrol car, allegedly got out of the car and told the bouncers to let Parsons go. The suit alleges that Kandt grabbed Parsons, told him to “step over here, bro" and instructed him to put his hands behind his back.

The lawsuit says Kandt grabbed Parsons and forced him onto the hood of the patrol car when he asked, “Wait, really?"

Parsons’ arm was trapped between his body and the patrol car. The lawsuit states he tried to move to free his arm, but Kandt body slammed him face-down on the ground, knocking him unconscious.

According to the suit, Kandt climbed on Parsons’ back and called for backup. Officer Ryan Scott then arrived and also got on Parsons’ back as the pair arrested him.

The suit names three other officers who are believed to have responded -- Sgt. Mark Pulford, Officer Jeffrey Shafer and Officer Eric Chinn.

According to the lawsuit, the officers made Parsons stand against the patrol car while Kandt handled the other situation he was dealing with before he saw Parsons removed from the bar.