Video shows spectator being struck by car during ‘Sunday Funday’ stunt driving meetup

Fans aren’t allowed in the pit, police say

DETROIT – A stunt-driving meetup called “Sunday Funday” was held on private property for the second straight week.

The event is drawing new concerns Monday night after someone in the crowd was hit by a stunt driver. The event was moved to private property with the blessing of Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

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Video of the incident shows a pit boss jump back and avoid a blue Dodge Challenger. Just moments later the driver struck someone standing in the pit.

Detroit police said the man who was hit was not hurt and the event stopped for more than a half an hour. The video is raising concerns about the safety of drivers and fans.

“To see that caught my attention and that of Chief Craig’s. We had spectators in the restricted area and for that we had a close call,” Detroit police Cmdr. Franklin Hayes said.

Police are reminding fans they’re not allowed in the pit. Police said as the events gain traction, larger properties are in the works.

“With these bigger properties, the pits are bigger. It’s going to allow people to spread out even more than it was,” Detroit SideShows organizer Tommie Mahone said. “This right here is going to put Detroit on the map, nationwide. My motto right now is ‘Cali started it and Detroit is going to finish it.’”

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