Wayne State student returns home after being stranded in Peru due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Family credits, Rep. Dingell, embassy for return

DETROIT – A student from Wayne State University is back in Detroit Thursday after being stuck in Peru due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

ORIGINAL STORY: Wayne State student stranded in Peru after traveling to visit family before coronavirus escalated in US

Mohammad Taha traveled there to visit family before the United States government closed the border the day before he was scheduled to come home.

Taha was supposed to return after the restriction went into effect. Through the help and work of Rep. Debbie Dingell, he’s back home.

“Debbie Dingell’s office worked hard to get us back home. They put us in contact with someone with the embassy,” Taha said. “He was on our case and made sure we were some of the first people out.”

He said it was a huge relief for him and his family to be back in Michigan.

“It was very exhausting,” Taha said of his time stranded in Peru. “It was very draining to my mental health.”

He said his family is adjusting to the empty streets and everything closed down, but they can manage.

“I’d rather be locked up inside my house than inside any other country,” Taha said. “I felt like I was born again, being able to come back home.”

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