FBI raids Shelby Township medical spa over ‘coronavirus treatment’ claims

Allure Medical Spa headquarters raided Thursday morning

FBI raids Shelby Township medical spa over ‘coronavirus treatment’ claims
FBI raids Shelby Township medical spa over ‘coronavirus treatment’ claims

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A medical spa based in Shelby Township was raided by FBI agents after marketing a treatment for the coronavirus (COVID-19), officials said.

Agents executed the search warrant early Thursday morning at the headquarters of Allure Medical Spa at 26 Mile Road and Van Dyke.

Sources told Local 4 the raid is because the spa has been performing alleged COVID-19 treatments, but there’s currently no approved cure for the virus.

Officials went inside while wearing full protective gear to prevent exposure.

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The company posted a Facebook update April 18 that say, “At Allure medical, we have been using intravenous vitamin C therapy to treat COVID-19 in non-hospitalized patients, with great results.”

The post then points to a treatment study. Many studies exist to see if vitamin C can help.

Some workers at the spa believe this is a misunderstanding. They said the vitamin C is meant to help prevent or shorten the duration of COVID-19.

Dr. Charles Moks, who owns Allure Medical Spa, gave the vitamin C treatment to Detroit police officer for free while on Facebook Live. In the video, he said, “What I’m finding in practice (is) -- I treat a lot of COVID-19 patients -- if we catch people early, get them on intravenous vitamin C, they turn around really fast.”

Federal officials feel differently and are investigating the procedures and how they’re being marketed.

Patients who have been to the medial spa are questioning different billing approaches and varying costs for different people.

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