Town hall addresses impact of COVID-19 on black community in Michigan

Local leaders discuss impacts

Town hall addresses impact of coronavirus on black community
Town hall addresses impact of coronavirus on black community

DETROIT – Coronavirus (COVID-19) is disproportionately impacting Michigan’s black community.

Several leaders representing various occupations discussed important issues within the black community during a Facebook Town Hall meeting on Thursday.

“It’s very clear that we are being hit a lot harder by this disease. Although 65 years and older are most of the cases, I want to make it clear young people are not exempt,” said Dr. Jennifer Floyd, a deputy health officer.

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans also noted that the pandemic has had an impact on the black businesses.

“The African American small businesses are small businesses in the community and will have a tough time bouncing back from this,” he said.

Bishop Edgar Vann, of Second Ebeneezer Church, said the stay-at-home order is affecting churches, too, forcing them to think outside the box.

“The technology we’re now using is now available to everyone. The church has now embraced technology in a way we never have,” he said. “Now every church has to look at itself and realize it’s not about songs but we must go beyond the sermon and the shout.”

The leaders are hoping something can be learned from the pandemic.

“Shame on us if we come out of this and allow the same things to go forward,” Evans said.

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