Michigan Republican leaders want reopening plan to move more quickly before they extend State of Emergency

Republicans, governor work to find middle ground

LANSING, Mich. – Republican leaders in Michigan want Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s plan to reopen the state to move more quickly.

They are threatening not to grant her request to extend the State of Emergency if that reopening isn’t sped up. Whitmer wants the State of Emergency, which is supposed to end Thursday, to be extended 28 days.

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The governor met with leaders Monday night, and there appears to be progress as they work to come to an agreement.

One of the biggest thing Republicans are calling for is construction -- both indoor and outdoor -- to resume.

Construction is the next thing Whitmer expects will resume, according to the “MI Safe Start Plan” she introduced Monday. However, she didn’t provide a date for when those workers may be able to get back to the job.

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Also, Whitmer has said she is onboard with restarting outdoor construction, but she hasn’t commented on indoor work.

Republican leadership also want some non-emergency medical procedures to resume soon.

“There are some procedures that we should start to really open up, and hospitals have been right there at the table and are a great partner,” Whitmer said. “This is an area where there is an opportunity to do more.”

Whitmer said she anticipates another Executive Order will be coming within the next few days or week.

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