Mahindra’s Auburn Hills plant gets ready to restart vehicle assembly

AUBURN HILLS, Mich.Mahindra and Mahindra Limited’s plant in Auburn Hills never fully shut down. Like many automakers, its workers switched over to make PPE.

The switch to making PPE has helped the manufacturer get ready to resume normal operations Monday.

“The crew was highly excited to start back up," Clarence Bringe said, "We want to start producing. That is our job. We want to produce.”

Employees will have to get used to new safety protocols. 120 employees will undergo a temperature check Monday before heading into their own zone inside the building and stay there. Those assembling vehicles will have face masks and dividers.

“The rules are easy, communicating them is the hard part,” said Mahindra’s Matt Pearson.

More employees will gradually be brought back in phases.

The company said they have also factored in the ability to handle any stress for employees coming back.

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