Detroit entrepreneur designs platform to livestream concerts

COVID-19 pandemic put concerts on pause

DETROIT – Do you remember concerts and live events? Yeah, they seem like a distant memory to us too. So with concerts canceled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, two local entrepreneurs have come up with what they hope is the next best thing.

“We were actually working on a major music festival for later on this summer. We were going to bring the first of its kind -- like a Rolling Loud/Cochella feel to Downtown Detroit,” said JT Maples with Stream Ticket TV.

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Those were just some of the creative ideas JT Maples and his wife Randi Rossario Maples said they were bringing to the Detroit music scene, but those plans are currently on hold, because of the Coronavirus crisis, “Obviously with everything that happened in the past 2 months, the festival in itself, looking like maybe a 2021 thing,” JT Maples said.

But the Maples said they’re now bringing music entertainment to the city. Both JT and Randi said they’re partnering with different artists. Recently, Detroit Rapper Sada Baby grabbed the mic and Detroit Rapper Kash Doll will hit the stage on Friday.

“We wanted to bring not only the opportunity for them to make money but also entertainment, in a different kind of way, but in an unique way to everyone who can watch at home, on their smart devices, smart TVs,” said Randi Rossario Maples.

And you can get a front row seat, from the comfort of your own home, all for a low price.

“The artist ticket actually to watch is just $4.99,” said Randi Rossario Maples.

“So essentially the artist, they can perform from literally anywhere, we can go to their home. We have the camera team and camera capabilities to live stream a full quality performance from anywhere,” said JT Maples.

They’re doing all of this and practicing social distancing.

“Everyone, let’s say when our camera crew comes to the artist, they all have on masks, they all are social distancing,” said Randi.

But what makes this streaming service, stand out? “Three words … Made in Detroit. This is something, built in our community, by our community, for the world,” said JT.

Kash Doll will perform Friday at 9:00 p.m. DJ Carter will start the preshow at 8:30 p.m.

You can buy tickets online here.

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