Detroit COVID-19: Cases reach 10,351, death toll at 1,257 on May 16

City continues to lead the state in cases, deaths related to the virus

A chart of Detroit's COVID-19 deaths as of May 16, 2020 courtesy of the city of Detroit. (City of Detroit)

DETROIT – The city of Detroit provided an update on its current numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

As of May 16 Detroit is reporting 10,351 COVID-19 cases -- an increase of 92 cases from May 15 -- and 1,257 COVID-19 deaths -- an increase of 14 deaths from May 15.

Officials say the actual number of deaths attributed to Friday is two, as the city and state continue to review and update death records that are fully attributable to COVID-19.

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“Our overall week-to-week trend is continuing in the right direction. In the past seven days, we have lost 44 Detroiters to the virus, considerably less than 67 reported the previous seven days,” said Detroit Chief Public Health Officer Denise Fair. "I applaud the unwavering spirit of Detroiters who are taking this crisis seriously by wearing their mask, social distancing and other precautions to beat COVID-19 in our community.”

Below is a preliminary chart of confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Detroit shared by the city of Detroit.

A preliminary chart of confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Detroit courtesy of the city of Detroit. (City of Detroit)

Detroit is the Michigan city most affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, leading the state in cases and deaths. Wayne County -- including Detroit -- is the most affected county, reporting 18,770 COVID-19 cases and 2,192 deaths as of May 15.

As of May 15 Michigan officials have reported 50,079 COVID-19 cases and 4,825 deaths for the entire state.

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