Metro Detroit friends join forces to help parents struggling during COVID-19 crisis

$20,000 raised so far

DETROIT – A Metro Detroit woman and her friends noticed a group of people who need help during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

They can’t sew or build but they wanted to find a way to help. They do love babies and they say that love inspired their act of kindness.

When the crisis hit, Renee Ahee and two of her friends set to work helping Detroit’s youngest and most vulnerable.

“The three of us came up with a campaign called For the Sake of the Babies,” Ahee said.

Metro Detroit area families are struggling because of coronavirus. On top of that, some are dealing with job loss or sickness and for families with new babies that can make tough times even harder.

Ahee turned to Development Centers in Detroit and its CEO Catherine Liesman. The center helps needy families in some of the hardest hit zip codes.

They have raised enough money to buy $20,000 worth of diapers, wipes and baby formula. Right now they have 500 families depending on their help.

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