Metro Detroit veterinarian says stay-at-home orders mean more dog walks, leading to healthier dogs and families

Dogs are getting off of their joint, pain medicines and losing weight

Its been about two and a half months of quarantine and you know who is really seeing the benefits? Our dogs.

Its been about two and a half months of quarantine and you know who is really seeing the benefits? Our dogs.

During the stay-at-home order, it’s rare for residents to look out the window at not see dogs being walked around your neighborhood.

Bailey used to get about six walks a week and now gets at least 10 -- and he is loving it.

Over in Bloomfield Hills, Simon and Bentley are hitting their neighborhood streets like never before.

“It was two times a week, maybe. Wasn’t really that much,” said Michael Quaine. “Once quarantine started, it started to pick up.”

Now the Quaine dogs are going on more walks and longer walks. It seems dogs these days are giving their owners something very special -- where a dog walk use to be a chore, now it’s therapy.

“For me, when I get to walk the dog, it’s a break from homework,” said Ella Quaine. ""It’s a relaxing thing."

“It’s kind of an adventure,” said Paula Quaine. “Which way are we going to go today?”

It’s not only an adventure, local veterinarians are seeing some amazing health changes.

“I have never seen anything like this,” Dr. Bruce Mortimer said. “One dog lost eight pounds in two or three weeks.”

That weight loss means good things for some dogs.

“Some of my chronic dogs that have been on joint supplements or pain medications have been able to go off their medication,” Mortimer said.

When asked on Facebook, many dog owner friends chimed in -- one person said she walked her dog every two hours!

And besides the dog’s health, it’s good for the dog’s family too.

“It’s good for them and us,” said Charlotte Quaine. “We are not sitting around all day.”

“Once quarantine started, it became fun to do with your family,” said Carolinie Quaine.

Mortimer said he’s hoping when the pandemic is over, dog families will keep up the extra dog walks.

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