Detroit Police Chief James Craig calls the death of George Floyd ‘murder’

Floyd killed after altercation with Minneapolis police on Monday

DETROIT – At a press conference Thursday, the DPD chief shared what he feels need to be done with the Minneapolis officer who put his knee on Floyd’s neck.

“It was clear evidence, that suggests it was probable cause to arrest this officer for murder,” said Chief James Craig with Detroit Police.

Thursday afternoon, Detroit’s Police Chief James Craig didn’t hold anything back, when it comes to what he thinks about the situation in Minneapolis. Chief Craig said he stands with the Minneapolis Police Chief and the firing of the officers involved in the death of George Floyd.

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A video showed one officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck. Floyd screamed several times, ‘I can’t breathe.’ “Even when once officer engages in excessive force, we all share the disappointment for the dishonors it brings to our badge,” said Chief James Craig.

“Seven minutes of not being able to breathe, not being able to move, not being able to speak, clearly is a lifetime,” said Reverend Wendell Anthony with NAACP.

Chief Craig also talked about his thoughts about how the death of Floyd affects the relationship with the community and his thoughts about what happened as a police and a black man, “When you talk about trust, it’s the glue. We must not forget we work for the community. My father encouraged me because, if you want to be apart of change, we must be a part of the institutional leading the change,” said Chief Craig.

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