Looking for coronavirus (COVID-19) clues in Macomb County’s raw sewage

Looking for coronavirus clues in Macomb County's raw sewage

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Oakland University is partnering with Macomb County and Michigan State University to track the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) by testing sewage.

Health experts said it can track and even predict where an outbreak might happen.

The county will have automated testing equipment in sewage pump stations, which will be able to sample, test and report back to health officials. The health officials can track and possibly predict future COVID-19 outbreaks.

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Health experts across the country are already touting the benefits of that kind of tracking. The city of Detroit and Michigan State University have been tracking viruses this way since 2017.

The program won’t officially start until next month. There are still some things that need to be put in place, but Macomb County officials said once it’s up and running the findings will be posted for everyone to see through an online dashboard.

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