How one mother relieves her children’s boredom

DETROIT – Families are spending a lot of time at home together, and it can be a challenge to figure out how to spend all that time.

Your children are either wrapping up school or getting ready to.

Parents are trying to keep their children occupied and one local mother is sharing outdoor boredom busters that her family loves.

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Jeeyoung is the mother of three boys -- ages 3, 5 and 7 -- and she works from home. When it comes to keeping her boys at home occupied, she believes keeping it simple works best. Their top favorite for outdoor boredom buster is the obstacle course.

She said they line up different obstacles, like hopscotch and hoops to jump through and her children love it.

“We actually have a pile of donation -- things that we want to donate that have been piling up in our garage," Jeeyoung said. "So, that’s been our go to place to like pick apart different things but you can set up, you know, simple like jumping stacks little circles of wherever. They go nuts over that stuff.”

She said she likes to think about what she enjoyed as a child and bring back some of those ideas

“I did pick up a couple of Super-Soakers over the weekend and I let them go to town in our yard," Jeeyoung said. “My husband turned on the yard sprinklers so they had going back going back going on in the background and then the Super-Soakers, which I mean I loved that when I was a kid.”

Another tip she offers is bringing the next meal or snack outside. She said it instantly zaps boredom and works as a great distraction.

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