How customers are handling reopening of Michigan restaurants with COVID-19 changes

Michigan restaurants reopen Monday with restrictions

DETROIT – Restaurants reopened across the state of Michigan on Monday with coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions designed to keep customers and workers safe. How are customers dealing with the reopening and those changes?

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It’s the little things like celebrating with friends at their favorite restaurant that people are enjoying most about dine-in options returning in Michigan.

“I just missed going outside, and I’m happy I can do it now, and today is my birthday,” one resident said.

But getting in and getting seated isn’t as simple anymore.

“I feel safe,” another customer said. “We had to wait outside, then -- calling ahead, she had to email, wearing masks -- you can tell the way tables are apart.”

Restaurants and bars across Michigan reopened Monday.

“It’s good to see the economy opening up,” another customer said. “It’s important to be stabilized.”

UPDATE -- June 8, 2020: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 58,999; Death toll now at 5,673

Restaurants are limited to 50% capacity, and there are fewer tables due to social distancing.

“It’s empty,” one customer said. “I wish people were here. I think people are scared.”

Workers have to keep masks on, but guests can remove them once they’re seated.

Sitting at the bar having brews with friends and chatting with the bartender will look and feel different during the pandemic.

“Coming in, I’m used to seeing chairs here,” a customer said. “There’s no chairs. It’s like we finally get to get out and say hi, see people, and I said, ‘Glad to see you. Cheers.'"

You can watch Priya Mann’s full story in the video above.

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