Oakland County official calls Black Lives Matter a hate group on social media

Brandon Township trustee, Bob Marshall, made controversial remarks on the Black Lives Matter movement Saturday in a Facebook post.

BRANDON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A local Brandon Township official is getting some backlash after his latest Facebook post. Many said the post was offensive and Trustee Robert Marshall is a racist.

“It started off as a Facebook post and like I said I find nothing controversial at all,” said Robert Marshall.

ORIGINAL STORY: Brandon Township trustee makes controversial remarks on Black Lives Matter movement

Marshall, a trustee for the Brandon Township, is talking about his latest Facebook post. It said in part, “The falsehood that black are in overwhelming numbers disproportionately killed by white police officers is demonstrably false.’

“Two weeks ago, they had a, I call it a Black Lives Matter demonstration, but there wasn’t a black face in the crowd. They’re all white,” said Marshall.

The group Marshall is referring to is called the Ortonville Peaceful Anti-Racism Alliance. A member of the group said they gathered to send a message that racism is not welcomed there. It’s a message they said Marshall didn’t understand. That’s because Marshall said the Black Lives Matter Group or movement is a hate group.

“These people are advocating for violence against police officers," Marshall said. “The backlash that I’ve gotten is number one I’m a racist. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Larry: “Are you labeling the entire movement, as hate group. Are you calling the entire Black Lives Matter movement a hate group?”

Marshall: “No.”

Larry: “But that’s what your post said.”

Marshall: “That’s not what my post said at all.”

Larry: "So you don’t back down from it?"

Marshall: “No, absolutely not.”

Larry: “Will you resign?”

Marshall: “Absolutely not.”

Marshall is up for re-election in November.

The Facebook post can be seen below.